Class SleeComponentElement

  • public class SleeComponentElement
    extends Object

    A common nested element of many Rhino management sub tasks used to identify a SLEE component

    A component nested element is used in a Rhino management sub task do identify a SLEE component using a unique name, vendor, version combination. These three fields must be unique within each component type and are sufficient to identify any component when the type of the component cam be inferred by the surrounding sub task. An optional parameter, type should be used when the surrounding sub task is not component type specific.

    NB: Generally sub tasks that accept a component nested element also accept a canonical name attribute to identify the component. Either the canonical name attribute or component element should be specified, but not both.

    Ant Parameters





    The name of the component.



    The component’s vendor.



    The component’s version.



    Indicates the type of component. See below for allowable component types..

    No. Only valid if the component type is not inferrable based on the encapsulating sub task.

    The following names are valid identifiers for a component type in the type attribute .

    • event - event type

    • library - library

    • pspec - profile specification

    • ra - resource adaptor

    • ratype - resource adaptor type

    • sbb - sbb

    • sbbpart - sbb part

    • service - service

    • binding - binding descriptor