Interface ServiceNodeStartedEvent

  • public interface ServiceNodeStartedEvent

    This interface is implemented by Service Node Started events generated by Rhino when a Service is started on a given node. A service starts on a node when either of the following occurs on that node:

    • the SLEE is in the Running state and the service is activated via the ServiceManagementMBean

    • the persistent state of the service says that the service should be active, and a previously stopped SLEE transitions to the Running state.

    The event type name of Service Node Started events is “com.opencloud.rhino.slee.servicenodeactivity.ServiceNodeStartedEvent”, the vendor is “com.opencloud”, and the version is “1.0”. The event, when fired by the SLEE, will only be delivered to SBBs in the service that is starting, and not any other service.

    Rhino 2.6.1
    • Method Detail

      • getService

        ServiceID getService()

        Get the service component identifier that identifies the service component that has started.

        the service component identifier.
        Rhino 2.6.1