Rhino is an application server that supports the development of telecommunications applications.

It is a Java platform that implements the JAIN SLEE 1.1 specification, JSR 240. The Rhino SLEE can be used to develop and deploy carrier-grade applications that use SS7 based protocols such as INAP and CAP, IMS protocols such as ISC and Diameter and IP based protocols such as HTTP and SIP.

Production Rhino is built on carrier-grade fault-tolerant infrastructure that provides continuous availability, service logic execution and on-line management even during network outages, hardware failure, software failure and maintenance operations.

The Rhino SLEE SDK

The Rhino SLEE SDK is intended to support development of prototype and proof of concept Services and the evaluation of Rhino. The SDK runs in a single Java Virtual Machine and does not provide all of the fault tolerance capabilities of a production Rhino installation.

download Download the Rhino TAS and SDK

Product Documentation

Rhino Changelog
New features, improvements and bug fixes included in each software release.

Getting started

Rhino SDK Getting Started Guide
Requirements, installation, and starting a Rhino SDK.

Rhino Production Getting Started Guide
Requirements, installation, and starting a production Rhino SLEE.

Rhino Sample SIP Applications
About the sample applications that come with Rhino and how to use them.

Administration and Development Guides

Rhino Administration and Deployment Guide
Deploying and administering Rhino and hosted applications.

Rhino Extended APIs
API-level details for developers to extend SLEE services and OpenCloud Sentinel features.

Rhino Compatibility Guide
Rhino compatibility with third-party software and OpenCloud resource adaptors.

Rhino Troubleshooting Guide
Troubleshooting problems with Rhino and other OpenCloud software.

Evaluation Reference

Rhino Benchmarks
Rhino 2.6.0 performance benchmarks.


Rhino Management Extensions API
Javadoc for the Rhino Management Extensions API.

Rhino Resource Adaptor API
Javadoc for the Rhino Resource Adaptor API.

Rhino Rate Limiting API
Javadoc for the Rhino Rate Limiting API.

Rhino Remote API
Javadoc for the Rhino Remote API.

Rhino Ant Management API
Javadoc for the Rhino Ant management tasks.

Rhino Extensions API
Javadoc for the Rhino Extensions API.

Documentation for other versions of the Rhino TAS is also available.