Rhino Element Manager 2.6.0 adds support for Rhino 2.6, and is also compatible with Rhino 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5 instances. (The Rhino Element Manager version number now reflects the Rhino version it supports.)

07 December 2018

Deployment and dependency changes

  • Upgraded Guava to 16.0.1.

  • Upgraded slf4j to 1.7.7.

01 May 2018

New features

  • Added a new SAS management page for managing SAS configuration and mappings. (EMS-1105)

  • Replaced the logging configuration page with a new page to support Rhino’s new logging framework. (EMS-1118)

21 December 2016

This version does not contain any functional changes. It has minor changes required by other products.

14 December 2016

Bug fixes

  • Fixed REM plugin RMI class loader issues when running REM on Apache Tomcat version 8 or newer. (EMS-1052)

  • Fixed IllegalArgumentException when subscribed to a stats distribution with no samples. (EMS-1042)

  • Fixed a server-side memory leak of EventBus registrations in the service handling requests from the embedded rhino-console in REM. (EMS-1050)

  • Fixed resizing of embedded rhino-console that was being slightly miscalculated on some browsers. (EMS-1040)

  • Fixed the scattercast management screen to allow endpoints to be added after editing another endpoint. (EMS-1064)

  • Fixed rule details being reset to wrong values after updating threshold rule configuration. (EMS-1037)

  • Fixed an issue where adding more than one user would incorrectly disable the user text fields. (EMS-914)


  • Added support for plugins to depend on other plugins. (EMS-1072)

  • Improved thread safety of shared Rhino connections. (EMS-1031)

  • Uploading certificates now uses the same authentication mechanism as other REM requests. (EMS-946)

  • Changed keyboard shortcut for showing REM client-side debug log from Ctrl+` to Ctrl+Alt+` to avoid clash with existing Firefox shortcut. (EMS-862)

  • Added restart function to SLEE State screen. (EMS-974)

  • Added tool to update REM database schema. (EMS-1039)

  • Allow scattercast endpoints to have ports assigned automatically. (EMS-1045)

  • Allow multiple scattercast endpoints to be updated at once. (EMS-1046)

31 October 2016

Deployment and dependency changes

  • The bundled Jetty server has been updated to version 9.3.12.v20160915.
    This version of Jetty requires Java 1.8 to run. (EMS-934)

New features

  • Added a new plugin framework allowing REM plugins to be loaded from outside the web application and run in isolation from other plugins. (EMS-964)

  • Added screens to manage persistence configuration for Rhino 2.5. (EMS-942)

  • Added support for scattercast management operations. (EMS-941)

  • Added support for symmetric component activation state management in Rhino 2.5. (EMS-960)


  • Components that are linked or shadowed are now indicated as such on all REM screens. (EMS-931)

Bug fixes

  • Rhino instance ID is now required to be unique. (EMS-947)

  • The SNMP configuration page no longer tries to load and display all the OID mappings at once, so it is now usable when there is a large number of them. (EMS-949)

  • Fixed REMLink SDK UI component not working as intended since switch to SuperDevMode. (EMS-968)