The LDAP Resource Adaptor lets you connect from a Rhino SLEE to LDAP servers, to search and retrieve directory entries, or test the validity of credentials to bind to a directory.

Features of the LDAP Resource Adaptor include:

  • Asynchronous query API — exposes a resource adaptor type that provides an asynchronous API, in an OpenCloud namespace

  • Graceful connection establishment — provides "graceful" connections to LDAP servers, which must successfully respond to N "poll" query operations (read-only queries on specific DNs), before being used for outgoing client search requests; keeps an LDAP server from being swamped with requests immediately after it (re)starts and begins accepting connections

  • LDAP searches — lets you use the API to perform LDAP Search operations

  • LDAP bind queries — lets you use the API to perform LDAP bind operations with given credentials (test credentials validity)

  • LDAP server groups — supports LDAP server groups.


Configuring the LDAP Resource Adaptor

how to configure the resource adaptor using properties

Monitoring Resource Adaptor Statistics

how to monitor LDAP RA statistics

Other documentation for the LDAP Resource Adaptor can be found on the LDAP Resource Adaptor product page.

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