Interface ShServerNotificationActivity

  • public interface ShServerNotificationActivity
    Activity used by a Diameter Sh Server for Notifications. The following message can be fired as an event:
    • PushNotificationAnswer

    The following request can be sent:

    • PushNotificationRequest
    Open Cloud
    • Method Detail

      • getMessageFactory

        ShMessageFactory getMessageFactory()
        Get a message factory to create answer messages and AVPs (if necessary).
      • sendPushNotificationRequest

        void sendPushNotificationRequest​(PushNotificationRequest message)
                                  throws SendException
        Sends a push notification request asynchronously.
        message - message to send
        SendException - if there is an error sending the message
      • endActivity

        void endActivity()
        End this activity. This does not cause any messages to be sent, it simply ends the activity in the SLEE.