Interface OcSupportedFeatures

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    Cloneable, DiameterAvp, GroupedAvp

    public interface OcSupportedFeatures
    extends GroupedAvp
    Defines an interface representing the OC-Supported-Features grouped AVP type. From the Diameter Sh Reference Point Protocol Details (3GPP TS 29.329 V12.6.0) specification:
     6.3.32      OC-Supported-Features
     The OC-Supported-Features AVP (AVP Code 621) is of type Grouped and
     serves two purposes.  First, it announces a node's support for the
     DOIC solution in general.  Second, it contains the description of the
     supported DOIC features of the sending node.  The OC-Supported-
     Features AVP MUST be included in every Diameter request message a
     DOIC supporting node sends.
         OC-Supported-Features  ::=  < AVP Header: 621 >
                                 [ OC-Feature-Vector ]
                                 *[ AVP ]
     From RFC 7683
    • Method Detail

      • hasOcFeatureVector

        boolean hasOcFeatureVector()
        Returns true if the OC-Feature-Vector AVP is present in the OC-Supported-Features AVP.
      • getOcFeatureVector

        long getOcFeatureVector()
        Returns the value of the OC-Feature-Vector AVP, of type Unsigned64. Use hasOcFeatureVector() to check the existence of this AVP.
        the value of the OC-Feature-Vector AVP
        IllegalStateException - if the OC-Feature-Vector AVP has not been set.
      • setOcFeatureVector

        void setOcFeatureVector​(long ocFeatureVector)
        Sets the value of the OC-Feature-Vector AVP, of type Unsigned64.
      • removeOcFeatureVector

        void removeOcFeatureVector()
        Removes the OC-Feature-Vector AVP from the OC-Supported-Features AVP. If the OC-Feature-Vector AVP is not present, this method returns silently.
      • getExtensionAvps

        DiameterAvp[] getExtensionAvps()
        Returns the set of extension AVPs. The returned array contains the extension AVPs in the order they appear in the OC-Supported-Features AVP. A return value of null implies that no extensions AVPs have been set.
      • setExtensionAvps

        void setExtensionAvps​(DiameterAvp[] avps)
                       throws AvpNotAllowedException
        Sets the set of extension AVPs with all the values in the given array. The AVPs will be added to OC-Supported-Features AVP in the order in which they appear in the array. Note: the array must not be altered by the caller following this call, and getExtensionAvps() is not guaranteed to return the same array instance, e.g. an "==" check would fail.
        AvpNotAllowedException - if an AVP is encountered of a type already known to this class (i.e. an AVP for which get/set methods already appear in this class)
        NullPointerException - if avps is null.
      • removeExtensionAvps

        void removeExtensionAvps()
        Removes all extension AVPs from the OC-Supported-Features AVP. If no extension AVPs are present, this method returns silently.