Class DiameterURI

  • public class DiameterURI
    extends Object
    Java class to represent the DiameterURI AVP type. The DiameterURI MUST follow the Uniform Resource Identifiers (RFC 3986) syntax [RFC3986] rules specified below:
          "aaa://" FQDN [ port ] [ transport ] [ protocol ]
                          ; No transport security
          "aaas://" FQDN [ port ] [ transport ] [ protocol ]
                          ; Transport security used
          FQDN               = Fully Qualified Host Name
          port               = ":" 1*DIGIT
                          ; One of the ports used to listen for
                          ; incoming connections.
                          ; If absent, the default Diameter port
                          ; (3868) is assumed if no transport
                          ; security is used and port 5868 when
                          ; transport security (TLS/TCP and DTLS/SCTP)
                          ; is used.
          transport          = ";transport=" transport-protocol
                          ; One of the transports used to listen
                          ; for incoming connections.  If absent,
                          ; the default protocol is assumed to be TCP.
                          ; UDP MUST NOT be used when the aaa-protocol
                          ; field is set to diameter.
          transport-protocol = ( "tcp" / "sctp" / "udp" )
          protocol           = ";protocol=" aaa-protocol
                          ; If absent, the default AAA protocol
                          ; is diameter.
          aaa-protocol       = ( "diameter" / "radius" / "tacacs+" )
          The following are examples of valid Diameter host identities:
    Open Cloud
    • Method Detail

      • getSecure

        public boolean getSecure()
      • getHostname

        public String getHostname()
      • getPort

        public int getPort()
      • getProtocol

        public int getProtocol()
      • getTransport

        public int getTransport()
      • getBytes

        public byte[] getBytes()
        Return the contents of this URI as a byte array. Technically this type derives from OctetString, so we need to be able to return the value in the base type.
        the result of toString().getBytes()
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object