Class DiameterIdentity

  • public class DiameterIdentity
    extends Object
    Java class to represent the DiameterIdentity AVP type.

    The DiameterIdentity format is derived from the OctetString AVP Base Format.

    DiameterIdentity = FQDN

    DiameterIdentity value is used to uniquely identify a Diameter node for purposes of duplicate connection and routing loop detection.

    The contents of the string MUST be the FQDN of the Diameter node. If multiple Diameter nodes run on the same host, each Diameter node MUST be assigned a unique DiameterIdentity. If a Diameter node can be identified by several FQDNs, a single FQDN should be picked at startup, and used as the only DiameterIdentity for that node, whatever the connection it is sent on.

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    • Constructor Detail

      • DiameterIdentity

        public DiameterIdentity​(String identity)