Interface MessageFactory

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    public interface MessageFactory
    Factory to support the creation of concrete instances of AVPs for Diameter Rf applications.
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    • Method Detail

      • createFinalUnitIndication

        FinalUnitIndication createFinalUnitIndication​(FinalUnitAction finalUnitAction)
        Create a FinalUnitIndication (Grouped AVP) instance using required AVP values.
      • createFinalUnitIndication

        FinalUnitIndication createFinalUnitIndication()
        Create an empty FinalUnitIndication (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createWlanRadioContainer

        WlanRadioContainer createWlanRadioContainer()
        Create an empty WlanRadioContainer (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createGrantedServiceUnit

        GrantedServiceUnit createGrantedServiceUnit()
        Create an empty GrantedServiceUnit (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createPsInformation

        PsInformation createPsInformation()
        Create an empty PsInformation (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createGsuPoolReference

        GsuPoolReference createGsuPoolReference​(long gsuPoolIdentifier,
                                                CcUnitType ccUnitType,
                                                UnitValue unitValue)
        Create a GsuPoolReference (Grouped AVP) instance using required AVP values.
      • createGsuPoolReference

        GsuPoolReference createGsuPoolReference()
        Create an empty GsuPoolReference (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createMultipleServicesCreditControl

        MultipleServicesCreditControl createMultipleServicesCreditControl()
        Create an empty MultipleServicesCreditControl (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createOriginatorAddress

        OriginatorAddress createOriginatorAddress()
        Create an empty OriginatorAddress (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createAdditionalContentInformation

        AdditionalContentInformation createAdditionalContentInformation()
        Create an empty AdditionalContentInformation (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createMmContentType

        MmContentType createMmContentType()
        Create an empty MmContentType (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createAddressDomain

        AddressDomain createAddressDomain()
        Create an empty AddressDomain (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createCcMoney

        CcMoney createCcMoney​(UnitValue unitValue)
        Create a CcMoney (Grouped AVP) instance using required AVP values.
      • createCcMoney

        CcMoney createCcMoney()
        Create an empty CcMoney (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createLcsClientName

        LcsClientName createLcsClientName()
        Create an empty LcsClientName (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createTalkBurstExchange

        TalkBurstExchange createTalkBurstExchange()
        Create an empty TalkBurstExchange (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createEarlyMediaDescription

        EarlyMediaDescription createEarlyMediaDescription()
        Create an empty EarlyMediaDescription (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createMessageBody

        MessageBody createMessageBody​(String contentType,
                                      long contentLength)
        Create a MessageBody (Grouped AVP) instance using required AVP values.
      • createMessageBody

        MessageBody createMessageBody()
        Create an empty MessageBody (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createMbmsInformation

        MbmsInformation createMbmsInformation()
        Create an empty MbmsInformation (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createRecipientAddress

        RecipientAddress createRecipientAddress()
        Create an empty RecipientAddress (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createServerCapabilities

        ServerCapabilities createServerCapabilities()
        Create an empty ServerCapabilities (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createMessageClass

        MessageClass createMessageClass()
        Create an empty MessageClass (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createPocUserRole

        PocUserRole createPocUserRole()
        Create an empty PocUserRole (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createSdpTimestamps

        SdpTimestamps createSdpTimestamps()
        Create an empty SdpTimestamps (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createTrunkGroupId

        TrunkGroupId createTrunkGroupId()
        Create an empty TrunkGroupId (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createSubscriptionId

        SubscriptionId createSubscriptionId​(SubscriptionIdType subscriptionIdType,
                                            String subscriptionIdData)
        Create a SubscriptionId (Grouped AVP) instance using required AVP values.
      • createSubscriptionId

        SubscriptionId createSubscriptionId()
        Create an empty SubscriptionId (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createSdpMediaComponent

        SdpMediaComponent createSdpMediaComponent()
        Create an empty SdpMediaComponent (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createLcsRequestorId

        LcsRequestorId createLcsRequestorId()
        Create an empty LcsRequestorId (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createPocInformation

        PocInformation createPocInformation()
        Create an empty PocInformation (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createUnitValue

        UnitValue createUnitValue​(long valueDigits)
        Create a UnitValue (Grouped AVP) instance using required AVP values.
      • createUnitValue

        UnitValue createUnitValue()
        Create an empty UnitValue (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createTimeQuotaMechanism

        TimeQuotaMechanism createTimeQuotaMechanism​(TimeQuotaType timeQuotaType,
                                                    long baseTimeInterval)
        Create a TimeQuotaMechanism (Grouped AVP) instance using required AVP values.
      • createTimeQuotaMechanism

        TimeQuotaMechanism createTimeQuotaMechanism()
        Create an empty TimeQuotaMechanism (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createServiceInformation

        ServiceInformation createServiceInformation()
        Create an empty ServiceInformation (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createUsedServiceUnit

        UsedServiceUnit createUsedServiceUnit()
        Create an empty UsedServiceUnit (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createImsInformation

        ImsInformation createImsInformation​(NodeFunctionality nodeFunctionality)
        Create a ImsInformation (Grouped AVP) instance using required AVP values.
      • createImsInformation

        ImsInformation createImsInformation()
        Create an empty ImsInformation (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createRedirectServer

        RedirectServer createRedirectServer​(RedirectAddressType redirectAddressType,
                                            String redirectServerAddress)
        Create a RedirectServer (Grouped AVP) instance using required AVP values.
      • createRedirectServer

        RedirectServer createRedirectServer()
        Create an empty RedirectServer (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createInterOperatorIdentifier

        InterOperatorIdentifier createInterOperatorIdentifier()
        Create an empty InterOperatorIdentifier (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createRequestedServiceUnit

        RequestedServiceUnit createRequestedServiceUnit()
        Create an empty RequestedServiceUnit (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createMmsInformation

        MmsInformation createMmsInformation()
        Create an empty MmsInformation (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createLcsInformation

        LcsInformation createLcsInformation()
        Create an empty LcsInformation (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createTimeStamps

        TimeStamps createTimeStamps()
        Create an empty TimeStamps (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createEventType

        EventType createEventType()
        Create an empty EventType (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createPsFurnishChargingInformation

        PsFurnishChargingInformation createPsFurnishChargingInformation​(byte[] tgppChargingId,
                                                                        byte[] psFreeFormatData)
        Create a PsFurnishChargingInformation (Grouped AVP) instance using required AVP values.
      • createPsFurnishChargingInformation

        PsFurnishChargingInformation createPsFurnishChargingInformation()
        Create an empty PsFurnishChargingInformation (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createApplicationServerInformation

        ApplicationServerInformation createApplicationServerInformation()
        Create an empty ApplicationServerInformation (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createLocationType

        LocationType createLocationType()
        Create an empty LocationType (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createLcsClientId

        LcsClientId createLcsClientId()
        Create an empty LcsClientId (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createWlanInformation

        WlanInformation createWlanInformation()
        Create an empty WlanInformation (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createOfflineCharging

        OfflineCharging createOfflineCharging()
        Create an empty OfflineCharging (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createServiceSpecificInfo

        ServiceSpecificInfo createServiceSpecificInfo()
        Create an empty ServiceSpecificInfo (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • createParticipantGroup

        ParticipantGroup createParticipantGroup()
        Create an empty ParticipantGroup (Grouped AVP) instance.
      • encodeAvp

        byte[] encodeAvp​(DiameterAvp avp)
        Encodes an AVP to a byte array using standard Diameter AVP data formats.
      • isRecognizedAvp

        boolean isRecognizedAvp​(DiameterAvp avp)
        Returns true if the specified AVP is recognized by this MessageFactory. Returns false for unrecognized (e.g. Extension) AVPs.
        true if the specified AVP is recognized by this MessageFactory.