Interface ExtensionGroupedAvp

  • All Superinterfaces:
    Cloneable, DiameterAvp, GroupedAvp

    public interface ExtensionGroupedAvp
    extends GroupedAvp
    An extension of the GroupedAvp interface to represent extension AVPs--those not defined by the Diameter RA being used.
    • Method Detail

      • getExtensionAvps

        DiameterAvp[] getExtensionAvps()
        Returns the set of extension AVPs. The returned array contains the extension AVPs in the order they appear in the message. A return value of null implies that no extensions AVPs have been set.
      • setExtensionAvps

        void setExtensionAvps​(DiameterAvp[] avps)
                       throws AvpNotAllowedException
        Sets the set of extension AVPs with all the values in the given array. The AVPs will be added to message in the order in which they appear in the array. Note: the array must not be altered by the caller following this call, and getExtensionAvps() is not guaranteed to return the same array instance, e.g. an "==" check would fail.
        AvpNotAllowedException - if an AVP is encountered of a type already known to this class (i.e. an AVP for which get/set methods already appear in this class)
        NullPointerException - if avps is null.
      • removeExtensionAvps

        void removeExtensionAvps()
        Removes all extension AVPs from the grouped AVP. If no extension AVPs are present, this method returns silently.