Changes between and

  • Make Destination-Host AVP optional rather than required in Multimedia-Auth-Requests. (DIASCEN-72)

Changes between and

  • This release is built on and requires JDK 11. It requires Rhino 3.0 or later releases.

  • Added support for matching on realm instead of realm and host to allow incoming session failover. The property Simulator.MatchOnRealm controls this behaviour. Failover is only supported when the simulator is acting as a server. (DIASCEN-70)

  • Add support for extension and undefined AVPs to all grouped type AVPs. (DIASCEN-71)

Changes between and

  • Add missing FORWARDING_ROLE value to Role-Of-Node AVP for 3GPP Release 12 Ro and Rf. (DIA-602)

Changes between and

  • Updated the vendor ID of SIP-Digest-Authenticate to 10415. (HTTPSCEN-251)

  • Corrected a defect that prevented decoding of extension AVPs for dialogs using a schema that was not the last one loaded. (DIASCEN-69)

Changes between and

  • Update Diameter stack version to 3.0.0. This brings in all the stack-level features introduced in Diameter resource adaptor releases 2.7.0 (failover, routing) and 3.0.0 (RFC 6733 compliance).

  • Schemas introduced in this release: diameter-rf-va00, diameter-rf-vb80, diameter-rf-vcb0 diameter-ro-vcb0, diameter-gx-vcd0, diameter-sh-vc60

  • Update diameter-base schema definitions to comply with RFC 6733.

  • Always use UTC timezone for Diameter Time AVP values, in accordance with RFC 6733 section-4.3.1. (DIASCEN-63)

  • When peerConnectAtStartup is set to true, wait until at least one active peer is detected before claiming to be fully operational, to help block the wait-until-operational command until ready. (DIASCEN-15)

Changes between and

  • Added Diameter Zh protocol schema (DIASCEN-60)

Diameter Scenario Pack

  • Schemas removed in this release: diameter-gx, diameter-rf, diameter-ro, diameter-sh, diameter-sh-v710

  • Schemas introduced in this release: diameter-gx-vb90, diameter-rf-vb80, diameter-ro-vb80, diameter-sh-vb60

  • The User-Data AVP (an OctetString type) can now be specified either in binary form, or as UTF-8 text. Exiting Diameter Sh scenarios which specify a value for the User-Data AVP will need to be updated by opening them in the scenario editor. This affects scenarios using any of these diameter-sh schemas: diameter-sh-v940, diameter-sh-v780, diameter-sh-v880, diameter-sh-va10

Changes prior to this version are listed in CHANGELOG-simulator.txt