Changes between and

  • Added Diameter Zh protocol schema (DIASCEN-60)

Diameter Scenario Pack

  • Schemas removed in this release: diameter-gx, diameter-rf, diameter-ro, diameter-sh, diameter-sh-v710

  • Schemas introduced in this release: diameter-gx-vb90, diameter-rf-vb80, diameter-ro-vb80, diameter-sh-vb60

  • The User-Data AVP (an OctetString type) can now be specified either in binary form, or as UTF-8 text. Exiting Diameter Sh scenarios which specify a value for the User-Data AVP will need to be updated by opening them in the scenario editor. This affects scenarios using any of these diameter-sh schemas: diameter-sh-v940, diameter-sh-v780, diameter-sh-v880, diameter-sh-va10

Changes prior to this version are listed in CHANGELOG-simulator.txt