This site contains documentation for the Metaswitch Rhino Telecom Application Server and applications that run on it. Documentation and support for other Metaswitch products is available on the Metaswitch Communities site.

The software documented here is available on the Rhino TAS Downloads page.


An application server that supports the development of telecommunications applications.

3.2 :: 3.1 :: 3.0.0 :: 2.6.2 :: 2.6.0

Service brokering and service interaction functionality for SS7 and IMS networks.

3.2 :: 3.1.0 :: 3.0.0


Support for the Session Initiation Protocol.

3.1 :: 3.0.0 :: 2.7.0

Diameter CCA, Ro, Rf, Sh and Gx protocols.

4.1 :: 4.0.0

Tools to add support for REST APIs in Rhino-based applications.

2.1 :: 1.0.0

Metaswitch’s SS7 protocol stack.

4.1 :: 4.0.0 :: 3.0.0

Resource Adaptors

Support for generation of Call Detail Records.

3.1 :: 3.0.0

Support for correlating two otherwise independent sessions.


Support for executing JDBC database queries and updates.

2.1 :: 2.0.0

Support for the Hypertext Transfer Protocol.

3.1 :: 3.0.0 :: 2.5.0

Support for the MM7 protocol.

Support for the Short Message Peer-to-Peer protocol.

Support for the Simple Object Access Protocol.

Support for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.

Applications and Frameworks

IMS-based Voice over LTE (VoLTE) services, based on IR.92 specifications.

4.1 :: 4.0.0

Transport layer interworking for SMS over IP.

4.1 :: 4.0.0

3GPP Generic Authentication Architecture (GAA) support.

4.1 :: 4.0.0

A SIP Servlet 1.1 (JSR 289) container that runs on the Rhino SLEE.

A services platform and a services framework providing real-time session control of TDM, IMS, and Diameter sessions. Contains an SDK to build new services.

4.1 :: 4.0.0

Metaswitch microservice that provides an HTTP frontend and caching to an HSS via Diameter Sh.

4.1 :: 4.0.0

Translators allow IMS users access to existing intelligent network (IN) services and vice-versa.


3.1 :: 3.0.0 :: 2.6.2 :: 2.6.1



A carrier-grade VoLTE Telephony Application Server product

4.1 :: 4.0.0

The Rhino VoLTE TAS VM images provide a straightforward way to deploy the Rhino VoLTE TAS product

4.1 :: 4.0.0


A web-based console for monitoring, configuring, and managing a Rhino SLEE.

3.2 :: 3.1 :: 3.0.0 :: 2.6.2

Creates Finite State Machines that can be used in services.

2.1 :: 2.0.0

A solution that automates the deployment, configuration, and life cycle management of Rhino VMs.

3.2 :: 1.0.0

A network traffic simulator for testing services, complete with a graphical tool for creating scenario definitions.

Scenario Packs

Adds support for network protocols to the Scenario Simulator and Scenario Editor.




Specifications and Compatibility


A guide to the Java standard for SLEE.


JSLEE API Documentation.

Rhino Compatibility Matrix

A list of which product versions are compatible with which other product versions.