Package com.opencloud.slee.resources.cgin.etsi_inap_cs1.metadata

Contains metadata classes describing the supported operations, errors, and application contexts of the ETSI INAP CS1 protocol.

Supported Application Contexts

The CS1 API supports all application contexts defined in the specification. See CS1ApplicationContexts for an exhaustive list, and the corresponding supported operations for each application context.

Supported Operations

The CS1 API defines most of its operations in terms of extensions the common callcontrol API. The following operations are extensions of the corresponding callcontrol operations, and share their event types:

Additionally, the CS1 API defines some new operations that are specific to CS1 and not present in the callcontrol API. These operations are top-level operations and do not have parents, and use a new event type within the CS1 API to fire that operation request (and, optionally, result) to SLEE services. See the individual operation descriptions for details: