Class CAP1OpenTypeExtensions

  • public class CAP1OpenTypeExtensions
    extends Object
    Defines metadata for cap_v1's open type extensions. Each extension has a collection of fields, including:
    • an identifier field, whose value distinguishes this extension from others of the same class of extension;
    • one or more type fields, whose types take the place of ASN.1 Open types in the class of extension;
    • and zero or more value fields.
    In actual values for extension fields (as opposed to metadata as defined here):
    • the value of an identifier field is of type OpenId,
    • the value of a type field is of type ContainingOctetString,
    • and the value of a value field is of its declared type.
    Such a ContainingOctetString provides a common representation regardless of which extension is used, containing a DataObject for an extension with a recognised identifier, or just the BER in a byte array for an extension with an unrecognised identifier. The particular type of DataObject to use as the containedValue in a ContainingOctetString is specified in the metadata for the particular extension.

    Beware that different versions of the protocol can add extensions with different identifiers, and different (sub-)protocols can have extensions of the same class in which the same identifiers correspond to different extensions.

    • Method Detail

      • getExtensionSet

        public static MAPMAP_EXTENSION[] getExtensionSet()
        Gets an array of supported extensions.
        Array of supported extensions
      • getSupportedExtensions

        public static CAP1EXTENSION[] getSupportedExtensions()
        Gets an array of supported extensions.
        Array of supported extensions