Class BitStringWithNamedBits

    • Constructor Detail

      • BitStringWithNamedBits

        public BitStringWithNamedBits()
        Constructs a new BitStringWithNamedBits that has no bits set.
      • BitStringWithNamedBits

        public BitStringWithNamedBits​(int nbits)
        Constructs a new BitStringWithNamedBits that has no bits set, initialised to accommodate the given number of bits.
        nbits - initial number of bits
    • Method Detail

      • toString

        public String toString()
        Returns a string describing this set of bits, using names for bits that have names and otherwise using numbers. For example, "{nameForFirstBit,nameForThirdBit,4}" could be the string for a set of four bits in which the second bit is currently not set and the fourth bit has no name. The bits are described in order.
        toString in class BitString
        String that describes this object
      • getNamedBits

        public abstract BitStringWithNamedBits.NamedBit[] getNamedBits()
        Gets the names of all bits of this type (not just the bits set in this value).
        array of NamedBit