Class CAP4CAMEL_CallResult

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    DataObject, Serializable

    public class CAP4CAMEL_CallResult
    extends CAP3CAMEL_CallResult
    API for CAP-datatypes.CAMEL-CallResult. Generated from the following ASN.1 type definition and the adaptations below.
     CAMEL-CallResult ::=
         CHOICE {
             timeDurationChargingResult SEQUENCE {
                 partyToCharge              ReceivingSideID,
                 timeInformation            TimeInformation,
                 legActive                  BOOLEAN DEFAULT TRUE,
                 callLegReleasedAtTcpExpiry NULL OPTIONAL,
                 extensions                 Extensions OPTIONAL,
                 aChChargingAddress         AChChargingAddress DEFAULT legID : receivingSideID : '01'H,
     CAP-datatypes {
         CAMEL-CallResult {
             @parentType com.opencloud.slee.resources.cgin.cap_v3.CAP3CAMEL_CallResult
             timeDurationChargingResult {
                 callLegReleasedAtTcpExpiry {
                     @rename callReleasedAtTcpExpiry
                 legActive {
                     @rename callActive
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      • CAP4CAMEL_CallResult

        public CAP4CAMEL_CallResult()
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      • copyOf

        public static CAP4CAMEL_CallResult copyOf​(CAP2CAMEL_CallResult from)
        Creates a new object of this type, cloning the values of common fields from the given object of any subclass of the same base type.
        from - the object from which to copy
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        public static FieldAccessor[] getFieldAccessors()
        Gets a new array of the accessors for fields of this type.
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        public Map<String,​Object> getFieldsMap​(boolean withAbsents)
        Gets a Map from :discriminant-name to associated-value. For a value of primitive type, the value is boxed. If choice is not set, returns a map from : to AbstractFieldsObject.FIELD_UNINITIALISED.
        getFieldsMap in class CAP3CAMEL_CallResult
        withAbsents - ignored, as value cannot be optional
        Map from :discriminant-name to associated-value