Provides event wrapper classes for the CAP v3 protocol.

Event Wrappers

This package follows the CGIN conventions for event wrapper classes. Operation requests are fired using an instance of CAP3{OperationName}RequestEvent, and where present operation result events are fired using an instance of CAP3{OperationName}ResultEvent.

Event Types

The CAPv3 API uses the standard CGIN event types for dialog-level operations (open, close, abort). It also uses the standard CGIN event types for ComponentRejected and OperationError. All operation errors are fired with a single standard event type.

Many operations in the CAP v3 API inherit parent operations from the CAP v2 API. In those cases, the operations reuse the event types defined in the CAP v2 API.

For new operations defined in the CAP v3 API, each operation request (and, where present, result) has a unique event type. The event types follow the form com.opencloud.slee.resources.cgin.cap_v3.operationName (for operation requests) or com.opencloud.slee.resources.cgin.cap_v3.operationNameResult (for operation results).

Further information

See the CGIN overview and the CAP v3 metadata javadoc for further information on the exact event types used.