Class CCActivityTestRequestEvent

    • Constructor Detail

      • CCActivityTestRequestEvent

        public CCActivityTestRequestEvent​(CCDialog dialog,
                                          TcapOperation operation,
                                          Object argument,
                                          int invokeId,
                                          boolean hasLinkedId,
                                          int linkedId,
                                          boolean lastInvoke)
        Initialise a new
        dialog - the associated dialog
        operation - metadata object that describes the operation
        argument - argument POJO
        invokeId - TCAP invoke ID
        hasLinkedId - true if linked ID is present
        linkedId - TCAP linked ID
        lastInvoke - (ANSI TCAP only) true if is an Invoke (Last) and false if an Invoke (Not Last), not used in ITU-T TCAP
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      • getDialog

        public CCDialog getDialog()
        Gets the associated dialog.
        getDialog in class Event
        the associated dialog